House rules

Welcome to the BelAir apartment complex.

We wish to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, and to that end, we have several items for which we ask your cooperation.

These items are for the safety of our guests, the island wildlife and to comply with Bonaire and BelAir regulations.


Feeding of the Iguanas & Birds is prohibited. They leave droppings on the walk-ways  our owners and guests use to access the commons areas. Please refrain from offering them food, as when they are used to being fed, they exhibit very aggressive behavior toward humans.

No fishing of any kind is allowed, by order of the Government.

To comply with BelAir Insurance regulations, NO Bar-B-Q grilling is allowed on the apartment complex grounds or apartment patios.

Please keep the apartment clean and in order during your stay.

We kindly ask you to take out the garbage on regularly basis.

Smoking is forbidden in consideration of possible fire danger.

Please take good care of the rented apartment, and turn of electric appliances and taps. Do not leave the air-conditioner on if there is no need for it, for example, while you are out of the apartment, and do not use it with open windows and doors.

In case persons that are not announced during reservation are found in the apartment, the property owner have the right to charge $ 175 if the second bedroom is used by 1 guest extra per week (or less). If two people use two rooms $ 300 will be charged extra per week (or less).

We thank you for your cooperation and help in maintaining our beautiful property.